Ron Bowes made a steam train of a Blues Rock record with ‘Two Fingers of Red-Eye’


Ron D Bowes may be finely aged like whiskey, but since resuming his career after an overly long break, the gentleman shows no sign of stopping. After reviewing ‘Last Man Standing’, Bowes’ return to the world of Blues Rock, we are pointing our attention towards ‘Two Fingers of Red-Eye’.

Not unlike the aforementioned record, Red-Eye can be described in just two words — long and raucous. At 14 songs, it weighs in at just three songs less than ‘LMS’, but it makes up for that with an overwhelming intensity. Once again, the sound is unabashedly brash, raw, utterly devoid of gloss – exactly how Blues Rock should be. Bowes is an animal behind the mic and on the guitar, squeezing out crunchy and abrasive gunpowder-ladden riffage that serve as the backdrop to wailing solos.


The UK bluesman’s signature humor marks another return, with colorful song titles like ‘Save Your Honey for Me’ and ‘I Got the Busted Up Cadillac, Got a Monkey on My Back’. Presenting a style finely honed through years in the biz, Ron lets it rip like no other on this record. The intensity and R&R debauchery going on here is simply contagious, so pour one for Ron and go along for the ride. There’s too much fun to be had on the way to miss on it!

Is there anything left to say? It’s a Blues Rock record, and a darn good one at that — full of vibe, bravado, and an attitude unhinged. Jump in Ron’s busted cadillac and embark on the Blues steam train that is ‘Two Fingers of Red-Eye’!

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