Travel the world with music: A guide to some spectacular music festivals and venues

Underwater Music Festival

Are you still moping around because of the unbelievably boring New Year’s Eve you had to endure? Well, don’t you worry, young one, Drooble’s got you covered. We have crafted this funky list of peculiar music events and venues to awaken the little adventurer inside you. Read, enjoy, pick one, start saving, get days off work, warn you mother, get insurance, and off you go – to a musical experience of a lifetime which will make right all the wrongs of your unsatisfactory start of the new year.

Les Dunes Electroniques dance festival

Star Wars fans will shiver with delight when they learn about this first event. Imagine what would happen if Star Wars met techno music and they decided to throw a party. The result will be “Les Dunes Electroniques dance festival”, held at the movie set of the fictional city Mos Espa on the fictional planet Tatooine. In real life the place of the festival is in Tunis and holds the name Ong Jemal, which translates as “neck of the camel”.

In tune with the famous background you can expect many of the attendees to dress as their favourite Star Wars character or to run around with lightsabers as a substitute for the way less fun glow sticks.

The festival first took place in 2014 and has managed to gain popularity among young people in the region, as well as worldwide. It transcends the political and economic hardships of Tunis and is looking to inspire creative life among local youth. Each year the festival gathers a large number of interesting DJs, musicians and performers, who together in tandem with the spectacular Star Wars set create a unique experience.

Where? Nefta, Tunisia

When? Fall, 2016

The music? Electronic

More info? Visit the official website of  Les Dunes Electroniques

Why go? Because the Force says so.

Underwater Music Festival

Ok, I know what you are thinking – what the hell? A bunch of people dressed in Spongebob outfits playing starfish-like instruments jamming underwater? Yes, indeed, such a gathering of weirdoes does exist and all for a good cause. 2016 will mark the 32nd edition of the Underwater Music Festival, held each year since 1985 in Florida Keys’ coral reef – the third largest in the world. This peculiar event aims to bring awareness to the protection of coral reefs and to environmentally responsible diving.

As you probably suspect, music underwater does not sound the same as it would on land, despite what the Little Mermaid would have you believe. As it turns out high notes are easy to hear, but bass ones are difficult to reproduce underwater, so the concert will entertain you with mid and upper range tones. Music is broadcasted through speakers which are suspended from boats and divers can swim around, listen to some music and even pick up a special underwater instrument and pretend to be jamming along to the tunes. Naturally, there is also a competition for the best dressed. What would an underwater concert be without one?

Where? Looe Key, Florida Keys

When? The mermaids are still syncing their schedules for 2016

The music? Marine related (The Beatles’Yellow Submarine” and Jimmy Buffett’sFins” have a permanent spot on the set list)

More info? No official website but I’m sure you guys are all seasoned Googlers 🙂

Why go? If not for anything else than just to watch some fish dance

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Nature is amazing! A fact made even truer by the existence of the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado – the world’s only natural and acoustically perfect amphitheater. With a seating capacity of almost 10 000 this “bio” concert hall is the ideal venue for fans and musicians to come together and create the kind of magic that only Nature can inspire.

As you can imagine, any self-respecting artist would kill to perform at this stage and many have had the opportunity (to perform, not kill… we hope). Maybe you have heard of some of these musicians: The Beatles, Jimi Hendricks, Cher, U2, Depeche Mode, Stevie Nicks or that guy Sting? Well, all of them have performed in front of exhilarated crowds between “Ship Rock” and “Creation Rock” – both taller than Niagara Falls.

The perfect acoustic nature of the setting attracts musicians from all genres to its stage so maybe your favourite band, artist, opera singer or ensemble will schedule a concert soon at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Keep an eye on the concert calendar and get ready to book a trip of a lifetime.

Where? Near Morrison, Colorado

When? Summer 2016

The music? Any music that enjoys good acoustic

More info?  Visit the official website of Red Socks Online

Why go? Did you not understand that Mother Nature hand-crafted the perfect concert hall for us humans to enjoy our structured sounds in?

O.Z.O.R.A Festival

Are you a European citizen with a taste for the bizarre who is sadly unable to attend Burning Man, but is longing for a place to enjoy trance and electronic music while dressed in a couture outfit made out of metal, wires and perhaps a pigeon nest? No worries – the O.Z.O.R.A Festival in Hungary is prepared to give you all that.

The festival focuses on our connection with nature, as well as the concepts of togetherness and inclusiveness – a never ending party of love, acceptance and oneness with the universe. Basically, a jolly good time. In 2016 the festival will have a plethora of artists from the electronic music genre, such as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Emmanuel Top, Goa Gil, Astral Projection, Miranda, Shakta and many more.

Where? Dadpuszta, Hungary

When? 1-7 August 2016

The music? Psychedelic trance

More info?  Visit the official website of the Ozora Festival

Why go? Because you enjoy mud and are looking to transcend the boundaries of the physical world with the help of some good music.

There are few things better than traveling and music (are there?..) and we suggest you make sure to check out Drooble for more of the latter 🙂

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