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Okay, the good news is finally here! Yes, Easter has come and gone but we’re definitely not talking about that good news. In the spirit of the holiday though, Drooble has been reborn! Some major updates happened on your favorite music social network and we’re very proud to announce that it is now even more useful than before. There are many new things to explore and talk about so let’s get this over with and let you enjoy the new newsfeed.

First stop, Communities. Yes, we already talked about communities in our previous article but it never hurts to recap, especially if you’re a first timer on our blog or even on Drooble. So! Communities are like common spaces where people, that care about the same things, can come together to talk about their interests and exchange ideas with the ultimate goal of becoming better players, more knowledgeable individuals and truly inspired musicians. This basically means that whenever you want to talk about guitars, you just add the tag “Guitars” to your post and it will appear in the newsfeed of people who actually care about guitars and have followed the “Guitars” community, simple as that. Or if you’re in the mood for reading, you can go to the “Guitars” community itself and scroll through the topics there to find what you’re looking for. Other examples of communities are “Jazz”, “Gear”, “Events” – there’s something for everyone. With Drooble communities, finding what you need and reaching the right crowd will be like stealing candy from a baby – easy and oddly satisfying. Just kidding :)


Then we have the Local and Global feeds. The option to switch between the two is one of the key features of the new and better Drooble. Choosing to see only your local feed will display only posts from musicians who are near you. The global feed will display musicians from all over the world, who share interests similar to yours. Both feeds will include posts from people with whom you share genre and instruments or who follow the same Drooble communities as you. Whether you’re in the local or in the global feed, you’ll see people discussing technical issues, promoting their music, looking for other musicians to play with, asking for advice and so on. The algorithm that decides which posts to show you first and which to give a lower priority to, is now improved and will be able to determine the exact content you’re most likely to be interested in, taking into consideration the communities you’ve followed. This makes for a better, more accurate, more exciting and more useful Drooble – one made especially for you.


While enjoying your new mixed Drooble newsfeed, you’ll see Carousels of posts with similar tags, coming from the communities you’re following. This way, if you’re interested in their content, they’ll all be in one place so you won’t have to look for them all over the newsfeed. And if you’re not particularly fond of the genre, instrument or topic in general, you can just scroll down and find something else that really deserves your attention.

Just to be sure you understand how impossible it will be for you not to find exactly what you’re looking for on the new Drooble, here’s a list of the basic communities we’ll be starting out with Song Covers, Buy/Sell, Music News, Discover and get Discovered, Gear Discussions, Find Musicians, Events, Audio Production, Music Lessons, Artwork, Advice Needed, Weird Music, Lyrics, New members, Collaboration, Bass, Jazz, RnB, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Blues, Classical, Country, Electronic, Folk, Hip-Hop, Indie, Metal, Pop, Punk, Reggae, Rock.

Still not enough?


For dessert, the new smart newsfeed is now in the Drooble Mobile app as well with a fresh new look and feel. You just need to update it to the latest version which includes a variety of features, that were available only on our browser version until now. As in the case of the desktop website, you can choose what to see by following communities. You’ll also have the carousels of similarly tagged posts from those communities, along with the Local/Global Newsfeed switch. There’s also the Drooble Radio which is now naturally integrated to work smoothly and intuitively with your smart device with great design and controls. Of course, you’ll be able to add videos and photos directly from the app. And this update wouldn’t be complete without specifically mentioning that the Drooble app is now faster and more secure.

We’re sure all of this isn’t too much to take in. Enjoy your new Drooble, people! :)

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