Extrasensorial open up your senses with their fiery Costa Rican metal

Over at Drooble, we have the privilege of hearing original music from all over the world. We consider it a well-deserved reward for helping to unite musicians around the globe. We admit we hadn’t gotten around to hearing Costa Rican metal until this moment, though! But there’s a first time for everything, and the honor fell upon Extrasensorial – a four-piece hailing from a land you probably didn’t associate with heavy vibes, rather sun and sea.

The boys are more than qualified for the task at hand, though – the six songs that comprise their self-titled EP are rock-solid cuts of passionately performed and impeccably produced metal. All sung in Spanish, by the way – the song titles and lyrics are completely delivered in the musicians’ mother tongue. Somehow, the language barrier makes the tunes convey their mood even more strongly, making for an engaging and exciting listen.


Extrasensorial’s style is a healthy mix of classic metal rhythm & melody with touches of modern metal as found in the music of System of a Down, Godsmack, and other heroes of ’00s down-tuned guitar hymns. At the same time, the band’s melodic sensibility is truly relentless, as evident in both vocal and guitar performances.

We haven’t had this much fun or inner fire lighting up listening to a metal record in a long time. This band is something special, and this has lots to do with them staying true to themselves and their origins. Horns up for Extrasensorial, Costa Rica’s metal hopefuls!

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