Drooble Public Product Roadmap


As a company, we have been lucky enough to have built one of the most open, active and supportive communities we have ever seen! People who believe in what we do and are ready to give us a helping hand to improve. And this happens mostly with constructive feedback and ideas we get all the time in any form – posts, comments, emails, etc.

We have received hundreds of messages from people giving suggestions on how to make Drooble better. Now we decided to take the next step and give you full transparency on what we are working on and an easy way to become an active part of this amazing journey.

Introducing: the Drooble Public Product Roadmap!

Our Product roadmap is a freely accessible page where our community members can find information on what we’ve shipped recently, what we are currently working on, and some ideas of what we plan to do next. More importantly, they can voice their opinion and vote for the features they want to be implemented first.

We wanted to keep it clean and simple, so we used Trello’s board for the task. The Product Roadmap is organized in four tabs:

    • Exploring – ideas we haven’t committed to yet, but we’re eager to discover how they resonate with you!
    • In progress – all the ideas we’re currently working on.
    • Done – ideas that are already implemented.
    • Left for later – ideas we have already considered and decided to postpone on this stage

If there is a feature you’d love to see on Drooble, please share it with us through this form and we will add it in the appropriate card on our roadmap.

Now take a look and let us know what you think: https://trello.com/b/38mmDT2J/drooble-roadmap

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