Tamal – Partners In Crime
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Tamal – Partners In Crime

Tamal Drooble

Hey Drooblers. We’re going to try something a bit different today. Leandro and Andre are two partners in crime (the good kind, a.k.a. music) that we encountered on Drooble. They’re “here” as members of a band called Tamal, basedn in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Originally, the reason for this interview was their EP, but then it turned out they’re great at being interviewed so now there’s another reason for you to read on. They used to be a band of four but…

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The New Artist Model: Dave Kusek on Music and Business

Photo: digitalcowboys.com

Cover photo: digitalcowboys.com Hi everyone! Today on Drooble – the social network for musicians, we have a special guest with much to say about music, for he has probably done more for online music education than most people on this planet. Meet Dave Kusek – a music business career coach and Former Vice President of Berklee College of Music, Founder of Berklee Online, Founder of Passport Music Software, co-author of best-selling music business book, The Future of Music, and Founder of…

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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve heard lately?


Why create a website for thousands of musicians from all over the world, if not to ask them weird questions and post their answers on your blog? What’s some weird stuff you’ve listened to lately? That’s what we asked our users and they happily provided us with some blog material. We give you some of the more interesting ones. Drooble User: Nicolas Magosse “This one A crazy sound full psychedelic! I love psychedelic rock and discovered Victoria + Jean last…

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Music Apps: Become (or pretend to be) a piano master

piano apps

As a person who has always dreamt of learning to play the piano, I quickly realized that it is not as easy a process as I had secretly hoped it would be (movies are so unreliable). Apparently, daily practice is important, but I was too busy with getting proficient in various TV shows, which I suspect did not aid me in my quest of becoming a renowned pianist. Well, I hope you are a bit (or a lot) more motivated…

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Music apps for all you Guitar heroes out there

Guitar Apps

So far in our Music Apps segment, we have introduced applications that will help you write music, learn music theory, improve your singing and become a better real or pretend pianist. Now it is time to pay some attention to all those guitar maniacs, who have made space for the guitar in their bed. This list highlights apps for Android and iOS that will help you learn how to play that magical string instrument, provide you with tabs to all…