Zurab Kostava on genre hopping and Tbilisi, Georgia’s peculiar music scene


Zurab Kostava is a musician and composer from Tbilisi, Georgia. His keen ear for music has led him towards genres as diverse as electronica, jazz, classical, rock, and R&B. There’s lots to be said about finding something interesting and inspiring in any style of music, and Zurab has a natural gift for doing so. We took the opportunity to ask him about genre hopping, his view on the music scene in Tbilisi, the musical projects he’s currently into, his production habits, and other questions suitable for a creative soul brimming with music. Check out what Zurab has to say on these important matters below…

Introduce yourself to the uninitiated and tell us how you became the musician you are today!

I don’t have a music education at all! This is the reason why I don’t call myself a musician. Everything I am creating now is done on a laptop. Music is part from my childhood – I can talk too much about it, like I can write a big blog dedicated to my music life! But I’d say that everything started when I had a very old phone (with green screen and buttons) in which there was one small program that worked with MIDI melodies. In short, my musical future was determined by this little phone and drunken-sounding MIDI melodies, haha!

Then some music films gave me great motivation. I listen to many different genres of music now. I admit that I learned a lot since then, and I’m ashamed of my old music now. It is very unprofessional. But today I am doing better and I try to grow more and more. Development – this is my favorite word!

Tell us about your current musical projects and what makes each one special for you!

Today, I am more motivated than ever! I have so many plans musically. I love sounds and sound engineering. I also study theory of music in the meantime. My musical idol is Hans Zimmer. His music is so impressive for me! Recently, I am interested in cinematics and trying to make some epic music that will really move people. In parallel, I make electronic music. I want to do everything together – classics, cinematics, and electronic music. My dream is to meet Hans Zimmer!

How do you feel about the music scene in Tbilisi?

Recently, music in my city has evolved, especially hip-hop. But there are many talented artists who work in a closed circle, or don’t work at all! Unfortunately, there are many problems. The biggest one is that people like me do not get any attention at all here. There is a monopoly in show business. Talented people remain in the underground.


You seem to love many styles of music! What are your tips for achieving musical versatility?

I listen to almost all genres, I’m not locked into anything. I love everything that is tasteful and oozes quality. Music gives me great inspiration – every note is mine and coming from my soul. But I always take advice and want to know what’s needed for good music and great sound.

How did you get started producing electronic music?

Electronic music is how it all started! To tell the truth, I never had a “live” instrument. My musical life is virtual synthesizers.

What are your favorite software and hardware tools for music production?

As I said, I do not have live tools. So I do not know how to play well. I come from a poor family and I never had the luxury of having instruments. I use FL Studio 12, Logic Pro, and many synthesizers. My favorites are maybe Kontakt and Miroslav Philarmonik 2.

What are the biggest challenges and obstacles you faced on your way to becoming a musician?

My biggest challenge and obstacle is the publicity. I never had enough publicity. It’s very hard to get it. It’s my dream to have fans waiting for my new work! It can be said that I do not have enough experience, but I do not want to make music just for my pleasure. I want to get publicity and be noticed.

What is your biggest musical goal?

My musical goal is that in 2143 my descendants will be proud of me… I want to do something that has not been done before!

How has being on Drooble helped you as a musician?

I always say that Drooble is the musicians’ Facebook. It is a very necessary site and it’s been a blessing for me to discover this community. I only have three old music tracks on this site. The reason is that I don’t try to promote my hobby creations. First, I must do a product that will be worth the applause of society. I still have a lot to learn, but I have hope for the future. If I create anything new, I will definitely publish it on Drooble.

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