YouTube Featured Video – This is My Music Video

The summer, at least where we are, is over and the autumn is slowly but surely taking its place. Since it’s October it’s time to let you know who won our video contest for September, right? We are very happy with the amount and the quality of the videos we got from you this month! Once again they were all really good but we needed to choose the best one and so we did – Kai Mata – Time to Shine @ SoulPlay Festival 2018.

For October we have something a little bit different for you. This time we want you to share with us an official music video of one of your songs. This one obviously should not be shot specifically for this contest – just share a music video for a studio version of your song, like the ones they used to play on MTV back in the day.
To join the contest simply post your video on our YouTube Featured Video page on Drooble. Once again you can get featured on our YouTube profile and get 300 Karma points to promote your music. You have until the end of the month. We are waiting! : )

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