YouTube Featured Video – My Favorite Song to Play Live

September is here, so our video contest for August is done. It was another really cool month because we received a lot of awesome videos of you playing songs that make you happy! Once again they were all great but the winner we’ve chosen is only one and that is the video for “Dreaming of Lemurs” by Zoltan and the Fortune Tellers. It’s so funny there is no way it won’t make you laugh and feel good!

As with every new month, we have a new contest for you. This month we want you to show us a video of you or your band playing live one of your favorite songs. It doesn’t even need to be specially filmed for this contest – any video of you playing live will do the job! Or maybe you have an upcoming gig this month? Then film it, choose your favorite song and submit your video!

To take part in this contest you must post your video on our YouTube Featured Video page on Drooble until 30th of September.

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  1. Jay Genske

    My band Boogie Chillen’ about 6 years ago doing Hoochie Coochie at one of the local blues fests here in Wisconsin. CJ the guitar player and I (bass & vocals) are still working together and the new band (The Hell Hounds) is just starting to get out. So we do not have any videos as of yet. The sound quality on this isn’t the best but is still a pretty fair example. Still is one of my top two requested songs at gigs I play.

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