Why Would Anyone Collect Vinyl Records?

Vinyl Records

Why Would Anyone Collect Vinyl Records? Well, there are a lot of reasons that support people practising this hobby. Like for example, the quality of the sound that you get from vinyl records is simply amazing. Some people even consider the collection of vinyl records and records on their own as some type of artwork collection.

When you compare vinyl record collection with digital music we see a    drastic distinction between them both. Digital music is easily portable and available and ubiquitous, however, this could be regarded a disadvantage in a way. Why so?

Digital music is readily available for everyone and it’s right there at your fingertips. The habit of listening just at the first 2/3 songs from a new album makes the digital listener and digital listening so strange these days. While having a vinyl record and having to put the needle down at the start of track one and play the whole side of the album. This is something unusual these days…

This way of listening is really measured and it encourages one to sit down, relax and absorb the vibrations of the music instead of clicking and skipping to the next song and so forth.

In that respect listening to vinyl records makes you consider the music album in general and really appreciate the music as a piece of art created with its personal and cohesive narrative and sound.

A really nice way to indulge the band, genre or artist that you like is to have a vinyl record played and this will not only keep you away from distraction s and most definitely your computer but it will keep you away from the click of the next song button.

As a whole this is nit just about the vinyl record, it is about making music listening a ceremony or some sort of ritual if you will. Just imagine yourself removing the sleeve from the vinyl record and then placing it on the platter gently. After having done so, you just sit back relax listen to the album and indulge the moment with your favourite music. A nice way to show your    genuine love for music as an art…


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