When we grow up we want to be as cool as Tommy Burdett and The Riffshakers


Tommy Burdett is an absolute music veteran. Born in 1953 he’s playing the drums since he was 12, then switching to guitar and is currently able to handle everything from vocals, piano, bass, banjo or harmonica to congas and dulcimer. Tommy’s been writing and producing his own music and bands since 1970. Now we’re listening to a 13-track full-length he did with The Riffshakers and we swear, when we hit 60 we hope we’ll kick ass like Tommy Burdett and his bunch do.

The 13-tracker mostly sticks to the classic sound but it also has a strong blues vibe throughout. Here and there Tommy Burdett and The Riffshakers somehow manage to sound as the working class and not-so-polished rendition of Dire Straits. We usually hate to compare but this time we really hope they this as the compliment it is. On tracks like ‘Mexico’ we even even manage to get a slightly grunge vibe. If we have to put up some highlights those will definitely be the rock’n’roll mean machine ‘Nuke ‘Em’ and the blues stomper ‘I Hear The Whistles Blow’. Give this one a spin y’all – a great proof rock is not a phase but a life-long affair!

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