Welcome to the funkadelic world of Andy Sizemore

Okay, this one goes straight to the top 3 most uncommon albums to ever come from the Drooble community. “Welcome to the World” is a solo full-length by American composer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Sizemore. Besides the fact he’s based in Charlotte, USA we don’t really know anything else about him and honestly this lack of information kind of amplifies the unique trip that his music is.

Consisting of whole 22 tracks (some as short as 30 seconds other generously spanning beyond the 6-minute mark) it’s an absolutely wild listen that crosses as many genre boundaries as possible. We’ve briefly chatted with Andy and he shared that his album is aimed at musically expressing what it is to live in our world with all of the varying lifestyles, experiences, feelings, and emotions that we and those around us have.

“Welcome to the World” is indeed a very special journey through different ways of expression, different instrumentation, bold arrangements, and very interesting lyric-writing. One of the uniting elements of this otherwise very varying music is the strongly funk-influenced rhythm section. It’s punchy, lively and keeps you intrigued about the album while it’s unfolding on its own phase. The vocals on “Welcome to the World” also contribute to gluing everything together. They are carrying some David Bowie charm, some of Peter Gabriel’s royal seriousness and Lou Reed’s semi-spoken word calmness but also much more. The music is as eclectic as it gets. Mostly gravitating towards art rock with a strong presence of electronic instruments and creative FX processing it sounds like something coming straight from the UK or New York rock art circles of the 1970s and 1980s.

Experiencing such a lengthy tracklist, that consist of such a mixed bag of music, lyrics, emotions, influences, production choices and artworks (we’re listening to a version of the album where each track is accompanied by different visual) requires dedicated listeners and we encourage you to experience “Welcome to the World”. Tracks like “Some People”, “Flip-Flop”, “Come Real Close” are great reminders that it’s not only perfectly fine to create outside the norms and trends but it is a must if you want to leave a memorable musical legacy. What are you waiting for? Just dive in the weird little world of Sizemore.

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