We have just updated Drooble. So, what’s new?

We are constantly looking after Drooble and finding things to update. This time there’s no exception! We found some stuff we could address and make better – then we went ahead and did just that! Here’s what’s new around here…

1. New Karma Tool: Private Song Review

When you choose to spend some karma points on the Private Song Review, you make sure you will receive personal directions for polishing your song. A professional from the Drooble Team will listen to your tune and offer personal directions for polishing your track and taking it to that elusive ‘next level.’ You can count on us, we have a keen ear for music!

2. We are finally letting you re-order the songs you published

Sorry for taking so long, fellas! It was such an obvious oversight that we can’t help but wonder how we missed.


3. The menu on the left has been streamlined, with several features (“Free tools”, “Create a page”) moved into the sandwich menu on the right. No, this doesn’t mean you get to order sandwiches on Drooble… yet!

4. New Communities Page

The new Communities Page is very sleek and easy to use. Now you can clearly see the communities you are following and the ones you can choose to join.


5. We add two new buttons on Drooble Radio: “Dislike” and “Add to Playlist”

We added a Dislike button to Drooble Radio, so the Like button stinkers quickly get pried away from the radio waves by our vigilant listeners. Hating on people’s songs is not the idea, however! It’s about pursuing musical growth via feedback – there’s positive and negative, and you need both encouragement and criticism to succeed. Liking and disliking songs is a quick means of offering your opinion. Whatever that may be, make it honest! And if you ever feel unfairly bombarded by dislikes, spend some time thinking about what you can improve, or order a Song Review! You will get an illuminating view over your weaker sides that may be crucial for addressing your mistakes later in your musical development. Furthermore, if you really fall for a particular song, you can now add it to your playlist straight away with the new “Add to playlist” button!

6. Private Activity Log

Your private activity log is a list of your activity on Drooble Newsfeed. You can see the posts/songs you’ve engaged and follow, the comments and applauds you have given.


7. Active Karma Notifications

Won some hard-earned Karma Points? You will now receive notifications every day!


We hope you will enjoy the new features! Keep checking Drooble regularly for more new stuff, original music, and musicians’ know-how.


  1. Vladislav

    NIce features , especially bout song review , but maybe Drooble team can consider something like “Artist Work Review Overall” like team listen at least some stuff and then recommend something , cause i think pretty hard to judge by 1 song , so how bout it like for 700-900 pts 😉 I’d be interested what Pro team thinks , and maybe other peoples do too ! Thank you .

  2. WALLON Patrick

    Ces nouvelles améliorations me paraissent très bien, un grand bravo ! à toute l’équipe dont je fais partie avec avec joie en tant que manager, lol ! Quand je les aurai utilisé je vous dirai si cela m’apporte un plus et une meilleure utilisation du site.
    salutations amicales à Melina et toute son équipe
    Patrick W le persévérant

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