Wanna Get Better by Volcano Kid


When it comes down to the details in Volcano Kid’s music, there are many of his works that one can only describe as cross-genre, perhaps even fusion. When listening to it, you’re not always sure it fits any specific musical zone. The spoken lines, a typical feature of his work, are sufficiently poetic and lyrical without having to be sung. This particular track sounds like an old analogue live recording where the idiosyncrasies of specific instruments can clearly be heard for they haven’t been crushed by digital clipping. Somehow, Volcano Kid’s mix manages to retain those musical frequencies, despite his tunes ending up as digital reproductions.


His sound often features the bass as a very straight hard, upfront, in your face tool. Something to be reckoned with, no nonsense! It’s here too on this track, and with those rock/funk rhythmic-mix drums, not to mention some really cool blues-styled guitar work, additional saxophone riffs, and unison with guitar parts, it’s a good sound. Strangely, the sax fits really well into this otherwise tight song, adding a touch of sophistication.

This is a song in which the musicality of it’s maker can be clearly heard. It’s strong like an iron bar, and the whole piece is all-around solid. I mean, SOLID! The rhythm is laid down in a way builders lay concrete, and the rest follows in brick-like musical layers that build this track to its conclusion. That conclusion is: “Volcano Kid is here,” kicking out his formidable style, and he is here to stay! To quote it’s author, “I call it flourishing solid rock”.

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