Three decades later McVey & Williams are taking us on the “Long Road Home”


After a long day spent listening (and reviewing) music we get to “Long Road Home” by McVey & Williams. We open their Drooble page to do our casual background check and wow, just wow. It seems the record we’re about to listen has been 34 years in the making. Yes, this rock’n’roll album is actually older than a huge part of our user base. How cool is that?

We won’t go too much into detail about how it’s possible to have a record in the making for three decades, we advise you the read the story for yourself instead. Let’s just say we are stoked how new and fresh this album sounds. Especially having in mind how much time passed since these ideas were first conceived.

“Long Road Home” is a classic rock record that offers you everything you expected it to offer. There’s a bunch of faster (and kind of angry) songs written for dancing (“Recess”, “Heart of Hearts”). Then you have lengthy mid-tempo pieces with beautiful and intriguing arrangements (“Tale of The Withering Oak”), of course, heart-breaking ballads (“Rainy Day”) plus everything in between. The lyrics on the record are personal and feel close to the listener. The vocals are a bit theatrical, but hey, this is how it was done in the 80s and it’s actually coming back.

“Long Road Home” offers just the right amount of both straight-forwardness and musicianship. It’s an accessible but interesting record. It’s a proof that good music has no expiration date and we are glad that despite all obstacles Mark McVey and Galen Williams brought it to life. It’s available for the whole Drooble community to experience.

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