Thorsten Huber gets loud and in your face with 6 tunes of Theutonic rock’n’roll

whos _pete

Thorsten Huber is as punk as it gets. The German musiker doesn’t like to spend too much time obsessing over tiny details in his music. He rides the waves of inspiration at max speed, getting a song from idea to finished production in the span of an evening.

Granted, he doesn’t write symphonies or technical death metal – rather, he sounds like the collab between Visotski and Rammstein that could never happen. A gruff voice reciting socially and emotionally-charged poetry with thick accent. A steady rhythm. Loud guitars on the clean – distorted spectrum. Occasional synth lines slithering through the cracks. Thorsten’s music is a freaking riot!

Who’s Pete ,his debut record, features six songs and each took an evening to create. The lyrics deal with reality – particularly issues with politics, freedom, and love. Thorsten has a lot to say on these matters, but it’s up to you to figure out the message. That’s how artists roll!


It does take a keen ear to appreciate the raw, unpolished attitude of Thorsten’s music. But something tells us the man couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks of his highly personal, spur-of-the-moment art. You either take it for what it is, or get lost. Let there be rock!

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