This Is Me reveals another side of Nicky Moyle’s music

We were recently listening to Nicky Moyle and his Sound Poems for the Soul. It was a curious electronic downtempo release coming from a Bridgend-based rock’n’roll guitarist who’s been playing in The Last Chance Heroes for 20 years now. While the aforementioned release definitely surprised us in a nice way we were still curious to hear more from Moyle’s rock persona. So here’s ‘This Is Me’. It’s a nice little collection of original tunes by Moyle and a bunch of covers, including his own rendition of Nirvana’s ‘Polly’.

The music on ‘This Is Me’ definitely carries that same emotional approach to writing we’ve seen in Moyle’s electronic works. The tracks are mostly pretty wild and pretty different from each other in terms of their vibe, pace, and message. While it’s all mostly a mixture of indie and alternative rock there are calmer pieces and there are total bangers. While diversity is always a good thing there’s a bit more production work needed on this release to make it feel homogeneous. Sound-wise the tracks sometimes sound too different from each other and even if we understand they were recorded on different occasions putting them in one place requires them to be at least with the same volume level.

Putting technicalities aside, we’re glad we met the other side of Nicky Moyle. To be able to express yourself in the languages of both electronic and rock music is awesome. We hope one day we’ll hear a Nicky Moyle record where the two sides of his work will meet and form something of its own kind.

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