The weird lo-fi pop of Grand Fisher and his Real Friends

Listeners around the globe are still struggling to decide if they love or totally hate Auto-Tune, because usually there’s no option to be somewhere in the middle about it. We, however, love how this software ascended its role as a mere pitch-correction tool to become a musical instrument on its own. Yes, there are still people trying to mask their vocal incapabilities with it. Yes, there are those definitely overusing it, but no one can deny that smart artists manage to add an awesome and otherworldly touch to their music with Auto-Tune. Such is the case with Canadian (mostly) hip-hop and pop artist Grand Fisher whose ‘Real Friends’ EP is guaranteed among the strangest records you’ll hear this year.

Lingering between bedroom pop and wavey cloud rap, ‘Real Friends’ is built by sad yet mean synth lines, smart bass lines, and vintage drum machine samples. Fisher’s hazy reverb-drenched vocals show him either rapping or auto-tune singing. It’s a real trippy one this EP and weird in the best possible way. Sound-wise it’s exactly where it should be. The vocal performance could have been a bit more convincing here and there but let’s say it’s emotional and adds up to the thorough roughness of the record. As to the lyrics, well, messed up (post) teens will definitely relate. So, put on your pink headphones, oversized GBC t-shirt, chose a matching nail polish and meet Grand Fisher’s ‘Real Friends’.

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