The soulful electronic poems of Nicky Moyle


When we were researching Bridgend-based rock’n’roll guitarist Nicky Moyle we expected his solo album to be in a similar vein of the rock band The Last Chance Heroes he’s been a part of for 20 years now. However, we were more than surprised. His self-produced solo record Sound Poems for the Soul is as mellow and relaxing as the cover artwork suggests.

Drawing inspiration from genres like downtempo and chill out with a focus on electronic instrumentation this album is a perfect companion for relaxing, contemplating or just enjoying life. While the tracks are neatly produced, feel very uplifting and feature comforting melodies warm beats and delicate bass lines our favorite element is the guitar. It’s what makes this collection of pieces really stand out. You can guess it’s the work of a skillful and creative guitarist and it gives these predominantly electronic tracks the lively and organic touch a lot of current electronic music lacks.

Sound Poems for the Soul definitely stands up to its name. It’s a highly recommended and extremely beautiful record totally deprived of any pretentiousness.

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