The nightmarish soundscapes of Craig M Rosenthal


First of all, we should all agree that ‘Through Landscapes of Subconscious Nightmare’ is one of the most epic, grim and in the same time beautiful album titles we’ve come across recently. It’s the October 2018 release of solo musician and multi-instrumentalist Craig M Rosental (CMR). It’s a conceptual, digital-only album which is pretty lengthy and multilayered in terms of ideas and their execution.

CMR draws inspiration from genres like symphonic and industrial metal with a strong dark ambient and cinematic feel. The tracks are vast and the shortest one is over 7 minutes long with the others often hitting the 10 mins mark. Most of the pieces begin with lengthy atmospheric intros (‘Abandon’, ‘Broken Wagon’) or noise outbursts (the self-titled track) then they morph into guitar-driven hybrids of metal music with intense programmed drums and synths, the latter of which sounds heavily influenced from horror movie soundtrack works.

What we really like about CMR is that the project doesn’t try to sound like a band, instead it’s focused on its own, very specific sound that explores ambiance, atmosphere, aggression, almost industrial harshness (especially on the drum programming) in a very unique mixture that you can’t really hear every day. ‘Through Landscapes of Subconscious Nightmare’ is a highly advised listen for all of you with an ear for experimental aggressive music.

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