The Heroic Story – Turning passion into expertise and helping artists thrive in the music industry

Let’s admit it! Getting your music heard and your band booked might be hard. And it usually works quite differently from the silver-bullet formulas we read about online. When faced with challenges most people quit. But not those who really want to win.

Such is the story of Budi Voogt and Tim van Doorne, who started working on a music project back in 2011. They set out to conquer the music industry driven by their youth, ambition, and enthusiasm. But they quickly saw the lack of practical, real-world advice directed at rising artists. And as most entrepreneurial stories start – they decided to scratch their own itch and share online everything they have learned to help artists move their career forward. That’s how in 2013 Heroic was born!

Today Heroic is a music management agency on a mission to Empower Creators. They discover, nurture and accelerate talent through artist management, label, and publishing services. Budi and Tim combine digital distribution expertise with an unconventional approach to marketing, as well as strong industry and social influencer relationships, to generate exposure for their artists disproportional to their size. Heroic currently manages artists like DROELOE, San Holo, Stephen, Taska Black and Unlike Pluto.

But what we at Drooble like most about this project is the Heroic Academy – a site dedicated to providing musicians with practical advice on how to thrive in the music business. They achieve that by creating how-to articles and interviews with industry experts, publishing hand-on e-books on music marketing and music mastering, as well as offering interactive online courses. And this is where it gets exciting!

The Music Marketing Academy is a comprehensive online video course that teaches everything you need to know to build a successful brand around your music project. With over 15 hours of video content, the academy is a step-by-step framework that you can use to leverage the internet to build a thriving fan base and get exposure.

Over 44 lectures cover topics like how to define your artistic trajectory and develop a professional online presence. Then you can focus on tracking and capturing fan data, building lists, and doing effective email marketing. Once ready with this, you can move on to optimizing distribution and release strategies, understanding PR and finding tastemakers. Of course, the art of pitching your music is also covered, as well as how to execute a release. All of this is backed up with case studies of Heroic’s most successful campaigns.

The Smart Mixing Academy is a comprehensive online video course that teaches everything you need to know about mixing to make your music sound world-class. With 12+ hours of HD video content, you are walked through all the key principles and techniques of mixing that take you in the road to professional sound.

Over 100 videos cover topics like what type of equipment you actually need, what are the core tools you will use as well as the main required plugins. Then you move on a step by step mixing process which focuses on how to mix different types of musical instruments and genres. Other key topics are how to optimize your mix for mastering and what are the main mixing issues you can face.

As a bonus to enrolling in those courses, you get Tim’s book: The Mastering Bible – The ultimate guide to learn how to professionally master your music and Budi’s book: The SoundCloud Bible – The ultimate guide to digital music marketing and crushing SoundCloud. They both deserve a separate article to cover the depth and practicality of the knowledge they provide. Now, go and check out Heroic and what they can do for your music career. 

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