The Coolest Headphones for Home Recording

Cool Headphones

Today we made a list for all you fans and manics that list the coolest headphones for home recording. So, if you prefer to stay at the comfort of your home and do some sound recording this is probably the list    you have to read if the case is you are looking to buy headphones for home recording.

When talking about recording sound we have to mention that headphones play an important role, it is like investing money in a comfortable bed. You know that you will be using it every day. It is the same thing with headphones! If you are getting yourself headphones for home recording you’d better be getting the best on the market.

So the list starts with:

sennheiser_hd_280_silverSennheister HD280 Pro

The chance that you have heard about the Sennheister HD280 Pro is pretty high as it has been widely used in the recording circles.

These are really good headphones for home recording and are considered as the industry standard in closed back headphones.

It wouldn’t be a lie if we say that these are headphones that do not have many bells and whistles but on the positive note they are believe it or not the most popular ones that money can buy.

For the money you pay for them they serve their job and produce sound, not the most amazing but for a beginner or an advanced studio you will find them satisfying all your sound quality needs.


Sony MDR 7506Sony MDR  7506

One of the competitors of Sennheister HD280 is the Sony MDR 7560.

What do we get here that compared with the previous headphones?

The Sony MDR 7560 are as affordable and durable as the Sennheister HD280 and they provide the same if not better isolation.

Some experts say that these have a slightly better comfort and sound quality.

if you dig deep on the internet you will find other people and experts that state exactly the same…

Extreme Isolation EX 29


Extreme Isolation EX 29

If you are on the look for maximum sound isolation, then look no further! Here comes the Extreme Isolation EX 29…

An unique pair of headphones designed by a drummer for the drummers.

If you compare them to the industrial hearing protectors you will be surprised to find that Extreme Isolation EX 29 not only compete with them but beat them when it comes to isolation

Form a user standpoint and reading all the reviews and feedback online one could conclude that these headphones are the best one on the market if you want to isolate sound!


Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

The price tags on aBeyerdynamic DT770 Proll the headphones we listed before these are all in the vicinity of one hundred dollars.

The price tag on the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones is more than double…Ouch!

But, let’s say this in their defence…The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones will provide you some good overall quality when it comes to the comfort while you use the. They will also give you some nice sound quality and of course we have to say that  their design is pretty stylish.

The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro are way better than the previous three that are on the list. Their overall performance, durability and isolation just are yet another thing that make them a top choice if you need headphones for home recording.


Focal Spirit PlrofessionalFocal Spirit Professional

With Focal Spirit Professional you get all the things that you expect or look for in a pair of headphones.

Good Sound quality, nice padding from memory foam and ergonomically designed and comfortable molds for your head.

Thanks to that the inside noises DO stay in and the ones on the outside DO stay out.

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