The Captivating Ambiance of NNYz? in Their Second Kahvi Collective Release

Finland’s Kahvi Collective is a label that inhabits only the digital world but in its 20+ years of existence has surely become a staple in electronic music. In over 400 releases Kahvi has managed to retain an astonishing quality of their output while remaining incredibly prolific. This is why we are approaching ‘Aetiology’ by NNYz? already pretty convinced this will be a fine addition to their catalog and to the collection of any electronic music nerd, of course, done Kahvi-style.

‘Aetiology’ by the UK-based producer Nathan Perry is actually an EP spanning over 7 tracks, some of which don’t make it beyond the 2-minute mark and serve more as introductions (‘See’) or interludes (‘4AM’) guiding the listener through the bigger chunks of music content in what we suppose is actually a pretty conceptual work. Here’s the place to mention that NNYz? has already been on Kahvi Collective some 100+ releases ago. While his previous record ‘Acceptance’ (another brief but beautiful EP) felt more of a crossing point between genres, ‘Aetiology’ feels significantly better put together, more homogeneous and tighter.

Genre-wise the record has soaked influences from ambient, piano-based music maybe even a touch of the calmer specter of tribal and trance vibes. But those are tightly knit together and further decorated with delicate IDM-style sound design, percussion, and transparent atmospheres. For sure ‘Aetiology’ is a step forward for NNYz? who’s steadily crafting his own sound and we can’t wait to see where his carefully structured ambiance, perfectly laid out warm beats and detailed sample and instrumental work will take him in hopefully longer and deeper future releases. If you have the time to hear only one track off this EP go for ‘Caroline’. It’ll take only 5 minutes of your life and after hearing it you’ll definitely grab the rest of the tracks on the record. Not to mention everything on Kahvi’s available for name your price download.

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