The most outrageous stuff done on stage
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The most outrageous stuff done on stage

Iggy Pop

Outrageous things people have actually done on stage There’s a whole bunch of crazy people in the world and a lot of them are musicians. But only a few of them deserve to be put in a list for their outrageous lifestyle and insane behavior on stage. Here are a few of the most messed up people who ever ruled over the music industry: The Genitorturers: piercing the bodies and souls of S&M audiences worldwide With a name like The…


Tool’s Epic Three-Song Voltron

Voltron Awesome Art

One cannot help but think about Tool as an insanely weird band, but sometimes even the band’s fans can be surprised by the level of genius and madness of Maynard James Keenan and the other members of Tool. Over the years, there have been many “conspiracies” related to Tool’s music, including the band’s Faaip De Oiad hidden track from “Lateralus” where the famous phone call to a radio talk show from a scared, former Area 51 worker was broadcasted live…