Sailing through the majestic music of Taylor Batory
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Sailing through the majestic music of Taylor Batory


We recently had the chance to interview upcoming composer, musician and producer Taylor Batory about his background, his influences and current doings. Discovering the path he’s walked so far and his future plans, we’re more than excited to dig deeper in his actual music. Having in mind his passion for progressive rock and metal music we were certain ‘The Majestic Sailors’ will be an exciting and varying journey within the realms of intelligently written and conceptual heavy music. ‘The Majestic…


So much music waiting to be written – An Interview with Taylor Batory


Watching ‘School of Rock’ with his parents made Taylor Batory excited about entering the world of (rock) music. This passion brought him to eventually studying and graduating music and nowadays you’ll find him working on a plethora of solo projects but he’s also involved in handling recording and production for other people’s music. We know you’re always curious to see how young and aspiring music professionals are finding the drive to keep going in an industry that can often be…