8mm melodies: The Quentin Tarantino score
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8mm melodies: The Quentin Tarantino score

Winter is coming, as the young ones like to say, and with it – a plethora of cinematic premiers that are hoping to engage our minds and satisfy our thirst for adventure. One such movie, set to come out on Christmas day, is “The Hateful Eight” – the 8th movie by renowned director and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino. Inspired by the anticipation of this upcoming movie premier, we are eager to look back on one of Tarantino’s greatest allies in his…

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The Greatest Soundtracks of All Time – Part I

Some of the greatest soundtracks in movie history became so popular and famous just because they were something really nice and cool added to something else that was cool. That is what happens when you put a good song to a good movie … it’s doomed to become successful. Here is a short list of some of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time…   The Good, The Bad and The Ugly The composer Enio Morricone’s name is a synonym…