The State of the Music Industry in 2019
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The State of the Music Industry in 2019

To say that the future of music is bright would be an extreme understatement. This year, rapid technological leaps have introduced unanticipated shifts in how the entire music industry conducts business. And we could see these trends and shifts reach maturity or at least significant developments in 2019. Many of these changes have led to all sorts of new complications. Hypebot points to how music streaming giant Spotify has been challenging accepted wisdom by signing artists and producers directly to…

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Mobile Phones Changed the Music Industry Face

Phones and mobile phones used to be a communication means for people during the 90’s and after that. All of a sudden the technology advancements converted phones into something more than just a box with buttons that you use to call other people. The birth of the smartphone changed many industries that realized the fact that they can increase their reach and get bigger audiences by their eyeballs just by using mobile marketing and smartphone technologies. Nowadays almost everybody has…