Face it, all your favorite songs are covers
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Face it, all your favorite songs are covers


Buckle up, it’s “omg-is-that-really-a-cover” time! Remember how you used to relate with musical artists because of the deep meaning of their songs? Remember the ginormous respect you had for their all-mighty lyric writing skills? How you were certain you would never be creative enough to compose a piece of music that could touch the human soul as your favorite tunes did? Remember how you used to admire the pure spark of genius that must have overtaken those musicians when they…

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Music facts you probably don’t know about

Harmonica - the top-selling music instrument

Knowledge is everywhere. We learn from everyday life, from books, magazines, from blogs, from friends, from everywhere. Learning is a process that never stops throughout our lives. Knowledge is like an ocean, the deeper you get, the more you understand what a tiny part of it you’ve acquired. There are tons of interesting facts that we happen to learn about by chance. Here is a list of some music facts, we thought is worth reading for: 1. Harmonica is the…