Backyard Burgers and Best Friends by Grand Fisher is an intense take on pop
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Backyard Burgers and Best Friends by Grand Fisher is an intense take on pop


We recently took a look at Grand Fisher’s ‘Real Friends’ but now Ottawa-based producer is back at it with a brand new offering. ‘Backyard Burgers and Best Friends’ pretty much starts exactly where ‘Real Friends’ ended. The instrumentals are intense, the tracks are saturated with heavily auto-tuned vocals and the production is explosive, loud and raw. Except for the Cicæda featuring ‘He Ain’t No Sweetland Boy’ and the Kreesha Turner Cover in the end of the EP there’s not a…

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The weird lo-fi pop of Grand Fisher and his Real Friends


Listeners around the globe are still struggling to decide if they love or totally hate Auto-Tune, because usually there’s no option to be somewhere in the middle about it. We, however, love how this software ascended its role as a mere pitch-correction tool to become a musical instrument on its own. Yes, there are still people trying to mask their vocal incapabilities with it. Yes, there are those definitely overusing it, but no one can deny that smart artists manage…


Interview – Shaun Klepko aka Lil Fish gets inspired from the people surrounding him


Shaun Klepko is Ottawa-based rapper and producer who is releasing his new album with his project Grand Fisher on 6th of July. In a few days, you will be able to read our review of it! We talked to him about his inspiration in the past and the present, the local scene in his area, and of course how Drooble helped him find like-minded people. Hello! Tell the world about yourself. How did you grow up to become the musician…