YouTube Featured Video – This is My Music Video
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YouTube Featured Video – This is My Music Video

this is my music video 2

The summer, at least where we are, is over and the autumn is slowly but surely taking its place. Since it’s October it’s time to let you know who won our video contest for September, right? We are very happy with the amount and the quality of the videos we got from you this month! Once again they were all really good but we needed to choose the best one and so we did – Kai Mata – Time to…

Album Reviews

Say hello to Kai Mata because now it’s her “Time To Shine”


Kai Mata is an Indonesian-American singer-songwriter currently based in everybody’s favorite city of Bali. As far as we know, “Time To Shine” is her debut full-length and what a mature record it is for an artist and musician that is just twenty years old. The album is soaked with numerous sunrises, pouring rains, endless landscapes and solemn travels. The leading role is of course handled by Kai Mata with all her talent and sincerity. Her voice handles with inspiring ease…