The three faces of ‘48 Hours’ by Intensia
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The three faces of ‘48 Hours’ by Intensia

We’ve recently interviewed Intensia, a Munich-based artist and she caught our attention not only for her dedication to her own music but for the fact she’s also sharing the wisdom, knowledge, and skill she’s gathered in nearly two decades of doing music by being a vocal coach. So definitely give the interview a chance but now let’s focus on ‘48 Hours’, the latest offering from this German artist. Intensia is working mostly in the field of rock music, which in…


Impress, inspire and entertain – Interview with Intensia

Based in Munich, Germany Intensia is one of those artists on Drooble that don’t limit them to exploring one side of music. Besides being a singer, songwriter, and music producer she works as a vocal coach that allows her to ensure a new breed of artists are on the right track. With her music usually available in multiple languages, Intensia is surely a musician with intense work ethics and a strong dedication. Find the rest of what she shared in…