Which musical instrument is the most difficult to play?
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Which musical instrument is the most difficult to play?

Georges de La Tour (FrenchThe Musicians Brawl Google Art Project

Opinions are like farts. It’s hard to hold ‘em in and when one slips, everyone’s gonna know it and at least one person is gonna leave the room. These words of wisdom, of course, were meant to conceive a wise message – people are different. We’re subjective creatures and as such we are entitled to the freedom to think and say whatever our hearts desire. As you may imagine, the topic of musical instruments is no exception. Every competitive musician’s…

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Bizarre and Unique Music Instruments – Part I

Bizzare Instruments

We can guarantee that you’ve probably never used or should we even say never heard of these absolutely bizarre and unique musical instruments. Bizarre and unique music instruments can be found in different cultures and counties, but this selection here lists the ones that do not get that much attention. Contrabass Balalaika As a Russian folk instrument, the contrabass balalaika was created during the second part of the 17th century. It does not look like any other instrument as its…