Music for unmade movies – Interview with Benedict Roff-Marsh
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Music for unmade movies – Interview with Benedict Roff-Marsh

Benedict Roff-Marsh is an interesting artist, to say the least. In the complex, beautiful and intense electronic music he’s been writing for decades now you can see influences ranging from classical music to progressive rock, film music, and Berlin School electronics. Benedict has taken all those and turned them into something unique and true to himself. His interview is a real-life story with all of its ups and downs, highlights, struggles, and dreams. It’s a read as honest as his…

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The cinematic world of Benedict Roff-Marsh and his Unmade Movies

We are 100% sure that everybody who’s ever attempted to record and release ambient music had to use at least once the description ‘it’s like film music but without the film’. We are now listening to Brisbane-based composer and producer Benedict Roff-Marsh and his most recent release “Unmade Movies” and it seems he’s turned this notion into the actual concept for the record. Unmade Movies features nine vast synth-based soundscapes in the vein of Berlin School music but with a…