Band Interview: Dare to ‘Lure out The Beast’ ?
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Band Interview: Dare to ‘Lure out The Beast’ ?

This time around we bring you a very special interview with ‘Lure Out the Beast’ – a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Roarrr! ‘Sailing straight from the murky waters of the pirate bay, they deliver some howling vocals and finely balanced, yet energetic guitar sound.’ How did you guys meet? How did you start the band, who’s in it? Me and our drummer, Jouni, met while working on a ship back in 1999. We’ve had several bands since then and we…


Drooble presents: the Band Page feature!

Want to reeeeally get your music out there, reach more and more fans and stay in touch with them? Keep reading. Why do I need a band page on Drooble? Unless you’re a deep sea creature with weird, indiscernible anatomy, you most probably need your face to present yourself to other life-forms. Well, it works the same with everything – whether you’re selling hotdogs or creating cardboard swords, you have an indispensable need of, let’s say, a shop window. This…