Stoneygate battles for the Survival of dreamy down-tempo electronica


We are always up for masterfully programmed electronica, and UK producer Stoneygate is certainly no slouch. Her style of choice is a skilled blend of movie score aesthetics and trip-hop moods, garnished by a beautiful and soulful voice.

Survival is a very emotional record that’s more on the introspective and melancholic side of the spectrum. Stoneygate’s lyrics are incredibly poetic, making you stop and think as the electronically-driven instrumentals unfold, layer by layer.

There’s plenty of gentle electronic percussion, brooding bass lines, and lush synthesizer work to be discovered and enjoyed, building a delicate but firm backbone for Stoney’s catchy and pleasant vocal melodies.

The production on Survival is immaculate, each piece fitting perfectly within the mood and setting. Home To Roost even features genuine pipes, making for an epic, masterfully orchestrated song.

We are impressed and, frankly, humbled by the emotional and textural depth of Survival. Stoneygate’s compositional talent and production skills are absolutely immense, and it shouldn’t be a big surprise that this album sounds awesome – she is also the person behind Beaky Jay Production, and she took care of recording, mixing, and mastering as well. Overall, Survival is a sublime piece of art which has left us dazzled and wanting more.

Horns up: Incredible arrangement and flow.

Horns down:
Might be a tad emotionally overburdening to some.

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