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Greetings, Drooblers :) Boy, do we have a treat for you today! This article is technically dedicated to an album called Individual Manifest Of Spirit but it’s much more than that. It’s an opportunity to check out the great work of a band called Stokholm and to dive into their thoughts which, I promise you, will fill you with fresh positivity in no time. Stokholm is a five-member team from Bulgaria and the guys have been rocking the charts, festivals, clubs and venues all over the place for nearly a decade now. Their unique style is a mixture of rock, pop, alternative and metal. Their first album Humanization was released in 2014 but today we’ll try to talk more about Individual Manifest Of Spirit, their latest EP. Before we start with the questions, you should probably have a little taste:


Hey guys! This is your second studio album – how is it different from the first one?
Hey! The main difference is that we recorded the second album with Martin Profirov, the drummer of P.I.F. The sound is more refined now, the vocals are more emotional and the guitars are more powerful. The whole album is made with more attention to detail.

Tell us about the recording process – what was different from how the first album was done in terms of recording?
Both albums were recorded at the place where we make our rehearsals and each recording engineer brought his technical stuff (microphones, mixers etc.). The second album is different because of our experience and because every engineer has his own methods.

Does the difference between your first album and this EP mean you as a band and as people have changed too? If so, in what way?
We change with every concert and with every new experience, be it recording, interview or something else that concerns us as a band. It is our goal in music always to experiment, to look for new sounds and new arrangements. We like to gradually change the status quo and our music is a natural reflection of ours, it is bonded to our development as human beings.

What’s the philosophy behind the music of STOKHOLM?
The first album was a peek to the outside world as a factor for the progress of the human consciousness or for its destruction. It was about how we develop ourselves or how we destroy ourselves depending on the outside factors. In the second album we are taking a trip to the inside – to the heart. The messages are about building our inner world, through which we can affect our outer material and spiritual life. The human being and its counscious evolution are the main subject in our lyrics.


Have you been able to go out and present the new stuff in front of audiences yet? Tell us a bit about the experience.
Yes, we played our new songs in all the major cities in Bulgaria. We often receive compliments – people like the songs very much and buy our disks at every concert.

How did the fans react to the lighter sound?
Actually there is no such a big difference, more likely the sound is more refined and cleaner than before, which gives a certain perception of softness. Our fans definitely liked it and we are making new fans constantly.

Ss this change of solidity a permanent transition for the band or do you think you’ll do heavier stuff again in the future?
We are still discussing and trying new stuff… One thing is for sure – you can expect surprises!

13775953_10154164914691508_9011008809321746456_nDo you have a personal favorite among the new songs?
No, we love them all. They are like our children and each one is created with a different emotion, so together they make a diverse and eclectic album.

Can you share a bit about your songwriting process? Does everyone pitch-in with ideas on everything or is each one of you responsible for their own role and instrument?
One of us brings the main melody or riff and then the idea is being developed by the whole band. Everyone takes care of his own instrument but at the same time is free to deliver ideas to the others.

What should we expect from STOKHOLM this year?
You can expect the video clip for our last single “Poisoned” (folk version) and I believe we will meet at one of our concerts, eventually in your city.

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