“Still Life” sounds as lively as a grunge band with pop rhythms can be on its debut EP

Grunge died its famous, bloody, incredibly unfortunate and unquestionably iconic death a long time ago. But the style still has some life left in it, as exemplified by Leeds, UK’s Still Life. The 4 piece ousted a debut six-song EP, showcasing an interesting and distinct sound. Mixing up grunge guitars with a Brit-Pop attitude, Still Life has everything needed to open for Blur.

For a fully self-contained band with no contract or producer, these lads sound incredibly confident in their reasonably original hybrid of genres, and frankly, we think they’ve struck gold. These tunes’ driving rhythms will get you moving in no time while the edgy, loud guitar sound will blissfully remind you that grunge – when not downbeat and morose – sounded cooler than what all those 80s hair bands it killed off could ever hope for.


Alas, six songs makes for very little of the good stuff to enjoy, but we’re sure Still Life will work tirelessly to secure many more before their joints start to ache and they drop their instruments for old-man stuff like mowing the lawn and yelling at kids. We really do hope there’s more where this fine EP came from, because pop-oriented music is always ripe for a well-deserved kick in the nads!

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