Skuve Masterfully Blend Pop Rock And Country On Full-Length Record ‘Ego’

Skuve is a multi-geographical, multi-disciplinary band which masterfully blends Bon Jovi-ish arena rock with country pop influences. ‘Ego’, its full-length record, is 15 songs worth of impressive and accomplished diversity. There are big rockers, funky numbers, country tunes with all the slide guitar you can have, and gentle ballads.

Singer Markus has a wide range and employs it skilfully, never sounding like he’s stretching his limits or doing things his voice simply isn’t designed for. The same goes for the rest of the band, which plays tightly and musically.


The production quality is simply impeccable, with the songs featuring many layers of instrumentation and sounding lush, wide, and open. Skuve have amazing potential with their radio-ready songs. Hopefully, they will enter the spotlight and their music will acquire some much needed, well-deserved illumination.

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  1. I hear that the band are all dashingly good-looking too…

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