Singer-songwriter Edward Joseph takes us back to “2013”


Edward Joseph is a young singer-songwriter hailing from North Attleboro, MA. He caught our ears with his 2013 EP whose remade version we found via his Drooble profile. It’s a brief introduction to his work as it features only three tracks that are actually refined versions of music he put released five years ago. We really love it when artists sit on their material for a bit, let it breathe and keep find it exciting to be working with it. This is an extremely precious approach, especially when the current music reality demands artists to be over productive and constantly creating and releasing new music.

With “2013” Edward surely doesn’t reinvent the wheel. However, it’s exactly this battle-tested formula – a man, his voice and a guitar – that makes it a solid introduction to his world. It’s a simply written music, performed well and with sincerity. The EP has a strong personal feeling to it and its lyrics are something everybody can relate to.

We could have liked it a bit more if the vocals were slightly reverberated or maybe kept quieter in the mix, but according to the Drooble profile of Edward he’s currently working on his first full length and we’re sure this EP is a nice little warm-up for everything he’ll improve and achieve in his future music endeavors.

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