Pure (female) punk power is the heart and soul of Lolita’s Corner


It’s been a while since we’ve listened to something as powerful and emotional as Lolita’s Corner and their wild contribution to the worldwide punk rock scene. ‘Phone Box’, the record we’re now listening was released back in 2014 but the band has been around for even longer. Lolita’s Corner have over 20 years of history behind their backs. As you’ll hear for yourselves, everything about their music screams 1990s and that’s exactly when they were formed. Back then they used to operate under a different name. They even got disbanded once, however they eventually become the band we’re listening to today. Despite all member and name changes they’ve undergone, Lolita’s Corner have always remained focused on presenting strongly female vocal-driven punk rock music.

‘Phone Box’ is fast, loud and wild but at the same time catchy as hell. Each track is a punk anthem on its own and that’s not without the contribution of the cool and sometimes edgy lyrics, herein laid as memorable vocal melodies and harmonies. The instrumentals are primal and simple, just like punk music should be. Production is raw and garage, which is also a must for the genre. And yeah, Lolita’s Corner’s music is dominated by female vocals but the male voices are also not neglected (just check out Sociopath). So, big ups to the band not only about challenging the norms of music and the industry but breaking their own boundaries.

According to their Drooble bio, Lolita’s Corner are now recording a new album. We’re definitely looking forward to hearing that.

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