Puerto Rican artist Tito Mission is back in the game with a Latin pop banger

We are no experts in Latin music but we can definitely spot a pop hit when we hear one. ‘Por Mamao’ is the latest single of Puerto Rico-based singer-songwriter Tito Mission, who’s returning to the scene after two years of absence. And boy what a return this is.

Por Mamao’ is a hot, slow-burning pop track with massive-sounding production. It’s built from hard-hitting and detailed percussion, stomping bass, beautiful guitar textures and sparse, and perfectly performed melodic vocals and carefully processed backings.

In ‘Por Mamao’ you can spot traces of reggae, cheeky trap, reggaeton, sprinkled with that typical spicy Latin music vibes. The track moves slowly and majestically, you can say it does this in a very seductive manner. Each element of the arrangement drags you deeper and deeper in the story of the music and before you know it you’ll be hitting the Play button again. Especially if you have a heart of Latin pop music, which in the past years has been steadily making its way across mainstream music.

‘Por Mamao’ will fit a busy dance club, your favorite radio station and why not your own party summer playlist. Tito Mission is signed with Eich-Kiu Records, an independent Latin record label based in Miami FL, and together they are working on his EP coming out next month. We will definitely give it a listen, so stay tuned for updates!

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