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We are very pleased to present you an interview with a couple of very talanted people – AlternatiV. They are from Armenia and they are on fire! Recently they took part in our competition and were selected as one of the finalists. That’s why we have decided to ask them a couple of questions. Hope you enjoy it because we surely did!

What was the spark that ignited the idea to form a group and what was you main inspiration back then?

All of us separately played in different bands. Initially two of us, Karapet & Sargis, have been playing together as they are brothers. Then we got acquainted with Alen (our guitarist and rapper) and he joined us. Then we met the drummer (Areg) & our ex-pianist (Garik) in the Russian-Armenian(Slavonic) University. So the band AlternatiV was created within that University. Back in the days we started to play together, but not under the name “AlternatiV”. By giving a several concert in an out of the University for year and a half we came to the idea that we have many things in common – our lifestyles, hobbies, also the same University. But there was one more important thing – Music – that brought us together.

Was it difficult to find like-minded musicians in order to form a band and what were the difficulties?

We were lucky enough. We met each other in due time. But difficulties consisted of 2 things. Financial problems and lack of experience. We didn’t have instruments to play and opportunities. Also it was difficult to find a place for our rehearsals. Most of the rehearsals take place in our member’s apartment. But we did it!!


Is there any reason for the lack of better rock scene in Armenia and don’t you think that there could be a brighter future for Rock Music there thanks to passionate people like you?

Armenia is a country where traditional music is way more developed than in many other countries. It shadows rock music at all. The brighter future for rock music in Armenia could be possible, but it will be limited and will have only regional featuring because songs will be in a local language, therefore it’s inconceivable for the international audience. That’s why we’re writing only English language songs to make a breakthrough.

What is the best place in the world for a young band to be at the moment in order to gain their place in the music scene?
We think it’s more likely in the USA, because there are very extended audience.

Will you continue the entrance free trend to your concerts or, at some point, you are planning to become more business orientated?

The times will come when we will practice some entrance fees to support band’s activity. That’s the financial problems. That’s what bands face when they don’t have a music producer. Indeed music cannot be referred to business nowadays.


From what we are seeing you are very active in all the online social medias, how important is that for young musicians or can it be neglected in favour of improving you musical skills?

Well, we dont live in 80s or 90s. Social media – this is the way to be heard. Most people underestimate its role, but we think that it’s a very good tool in your arsenal to achieve success.

How Drooble is different from all the other social networks out there at the moment?

Its mostly about musical activity. Being a newcomer, we still cannot compare it with another kind of websites.

Do you have some role models that are serving as an example to the way you are managing your band at the moment?

Our band’s main “issue” is that all of us listen to very different styles of music. Alen likes metal rather than pop-rock music, Karapet & Sargis as well, Yun doesn’t like band’s sound at all…LOL and etc. But it’s also an advantage what makes your music more diverse. Those we can single out – Linkin Park, Shinedown, Eminem, 30 second to mars, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay and so on.

How do you imagine your band after 10 years, what are your plans, wishes and dreams?

Big scenes, world fame, our own world tour with a big logo of our group on the bus. Or that we could not leave the house because of a crowd of fans, and when at the concerts they will sing along with us, tours around the world, on all continents … This can all be considered as plans and as wishes. Well, and the goal is clear – to continue to create, create our own music and finally find a producer, manager or sponsor, I do not know how else to call a person who will appreciate all our work, that we do day by day and even at nights and help us to be heard. This is our main goal.

Is there any question we forgot to ask you :)?

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