Patrick Hamilton Builds No Walls Between Himself And His Rawest, Sincerest Emotions

Patrick Hamilton is a gifted singer-songwriter who pours his life and soul into his music. The man’s debut five song EP, is a short, but memorable musical experience. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a soulful voice that conveys vulnerability and pure emotion, Patrick lets it loose on his recordings like a true artist would, composing introspective and lyrical tunes that are as catchy as lemon pie. One can’t help but love the man’s skill on guitar as a songwriter and performer, and the same goes for his voice.

The gentle honesty and raw feeling behind his playing and singing is captivating in all the right ways. ‘Wall Songs’ is music exactly as it’s meant to be — the language of the soul, exposed for the world to hear. The subtle country and folk influences in his craft are laid bare and feel very pleasant and serene. Yet there is struggle in that voice and conviction in that gentle pulling and strumming of the strings.


The production is clear and crisp, sounding excellent and serving the songs in just the right way. Overall, one should feel grateful that Patrick is sharing the gift of his musical talent in such a sincere, honest way. This is an artist who has nothing to hide, does not pose or imitate, and is free of pretence.

Walk the unthreaded path together with Patrick and enjoy the musical view!

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