New stuff headed to Drooble – faster website, radio playlists, and more!

Greetings, Drooblers! In order to succeed with our mission of bringing together musicians over the globe, Drooble needs to be the best it can be. That’s why we are always listening and looking for ways to improve the social network’s user experience.

There’s lots of new stuff in the making to look forward to. So much, that we felt like giving you a glimpse at the coming awesomeness! Here are some nice things we’ve just released:

1. Thanks to our team of developers, Drooble is going to perform better. With the switch to ReactJS and some other modern technology, posts, music, and the entire website will be quicker to load!

2. To let you take better advantage of the faster website, we have been improving the user interface of notifications, messages, and other pages on Drooble (like Create a Page). Getting around them is now becoming easier! We hope you’ll feel the changes as you write messages, receive notifications, and create new pages.

3. Perhaps the coolest thing for you and us both – we are releasing Advanced Radio Mode, where you can create, share, and view playlists with music from Drooble users. You can be your own DJ now!


We aren’t stopping here! We are still at work on other features and even more options for musicians to collaborate, communicate, and find each other. Look forward to the new announcements in the coming months.

Thank you for being on Drooble. We hope you enjoy the changes!

The Drooble Team

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