Dear musicians! Аsking others to “Like, Share, Download, Subscribe!” is wrong – and here’s why!


Dear musical souls struggling to get noticed! Is really “Like, Share, Download, Subscribe!” mantra the way to go? We are musicians just like you, and we couldn’t help but notice this statement all over so many people’s and fellow players’ profiles. It feels so wrong as it goes against what being a musician is all about. Not only it’s obnoxious when thousands of people are doing this simultaneously in front of other musicians and their crowds, no less – it’s also ineffective! Let us explain.

1. You are not making genuine human contact

By repeating the mantra of “Like, Share, Download, Subscribe”, all you do is issue robotic orders to emotional human beings. Well, fans and musicians aren’t bots and it isn’t their job to carry you around. Rather, they are supposed to listen to your tunes and feel compelled to spread the word if they like them.

You are much more likely to entice someone to like, share, download, and subscribe to your material if you messaged them and said something along the lines of – “Hey, I’m X. I noticed you like Y. They are a huge inspiration to me! I’ve got some music you might be interested in. Check it out, I think you will like it. Cheers!”

This way, you are engaging personally with your potential audience and making much stronger contact. You are no longer a faceless profile barking repetitive orders, but a human being offering value to people. That’s much more likely to succeed!

2. Musicians are supposed to give first, then take back

99% of musicians nowadays seem to be guilty of this – they expect other people to like and share their music without giving anything in return – other than the songs. That’s not the way it works, folks. The reality is there’s way too much competition out there. Millions of musicians are giving away their music on streaming platforms and YouTube. We have more songs in circulation than anyone can possibly hear in a lifetime.

You must offer something more to your fans – like keeping them in touch with your unique personality, your daily life as a musician; and giving them exclusive access to stuff they are going to like – like backstage passes, memorabilia, giveaways, lessons, promotional items, merch… anything that’s going to make them think “wow, they are awesome, I’m lucky to be a fan and I must share the goodness with people I know!”

Give it all you got, engage with fans & fellow musicians instead of pleading for attention, and then you can expect to get noticed.

3. Why getting on Drooble is a great idea if you want to get heard

There are other ways to give first, then take back later. At Drooble, the musicians’ social network, musicians are encouraged to collaborate with others and share their ideas and know-how; to help others progress with their music or simply motivate them by having a listen and appreciating it.

Be a fan first and musician second. Light a flame inside others. Then you will see the likes & downloads snowball, and in the meantime, you will have become a better musician and human being.

What’s the point of doing this, though? Besides being an awesome thing to do, there’s a practical reality behind our mission – there are so many musicians out there nowadays; the musical space has become so saturated that they are much better off accepting each other as fans and fellow artists, instead of competing for likes, shares, and attention.

Thanks for reading. What is your opinion, by the way? Feel free to express your thoughts here, or message us a [email protected] Cheers!

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