Music Marketing Done in the Digital Age

The digital world offers a plenty of websites, platforms and online hubs where one could promote a song or an album. This is of great importance as the digital channels are now the main ways to do music marketing and promote music online. Not like back in the day when one had to just send a demo tape or a CD to the the person that was responsible for the recording of a track or an album.

Now, it is a completely different ball game…You can record your song and save it in an MP3 file format, put it on YouTube or another video sharing platform that easily makes your work available all over the world in a matter of seconds and several mouse clicks.

Music marketing is now an interesting assessment tool for musicians and bands that tells how well a performer or a band creates relationships with his/her followers and fans online. It is both real easy or sometimes really hard to get your music out there. Why? Well, simply because nowadays promoting music online involves a lot of channels and tools like social media, forums, blogs and online platforms.

It could give you feedback and reactions right off the bat, but it could also be hard for you if you do not know what you are doing and you often make mistakes on social media.

We have to say that reaching out people and promoting music is something that has to be well planned. Performers and bands need to often address different audiences with a different intention mind. Like for example, the message for fans and followers would be one kind. The message for concert venues, radios and TV stations would be another one. The music record industry should receive a totally different message base on the objectives that have been set forth.

How do you reach out to your fans?

This is the most important task for almost every band and music performer. The bigger the audience you get to hear your music the more reach you will have. And most people would say that this is really easy. However, once you are finished with recording a song or an album you will need to roll up your sleeves and create some mp3 song and music videos that could be easily spread around and uploaded for people to hear and share them.

There are many sites out there that will allow you to publish and upload your songs even your draft demos if you will. But when we talk and discuss music marketing in the digital age we have to say that the most important of all is to make people spread the word about you.

A dedicate page on a social network like Facebook is just the start. You need to have access to a great pool of people that can share your songs, videos, pictures and information.

Having done this you will later on have the opportunity to drive sales through your social channels and online presence and build an even bigger community of followers and fans.

How do you land a gig for your band or yourself?

A new band would usually have problems landing a huge gig that gets it in front of a big audience…This would help such bands easily promote their music and land even more concerts and gigs like that. But if the case is you are a brand spanking new band that has no record deals and a huge audience online, that could definitely turn the tables and change the game in your favour.

So a good way to demonstrate that is by showcasing your online activities and social media links. Demonstrating a big fanbase is something that is important as concert organizers want to get all those kids sitting in front their computers and make them attend their gigs.

Online demos and videos of the band performing coupled with a lot of views and comments will demonstrate the strength and the relationship that has been established between the band/artist and the fanbase. That would ultimately help in landing this next gig for you.



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