Music for the heart not just for the ears – Always Introspective by Chris Martin

If you spend as little as an hour browsing the music on Drooble chances to find your new favorite contemporary folk singer-songwriter artists are high. There are so many gems waiting to be discovered in our library and it’s always a pleasure for us to do the virtual crate digging for you and take a closer look at something that has really grabbed our attention.

Today we present you, Chris Martin. Based in Melville, USA he’s a singer-songwriter who’s heavily influenced by the 70s music of artists like Neil Young and Bread. Self-described as an amateur musician and composer we have to say that there’s nothing amateur about his music. Playing guitar, harmonica, and singing, Chris Martin has shared with us the 16-track digital only album ‘Always Introspective’. It might be us also being quite introverted and always preferring a deep and contemplative look at our inner worlds but we loved each and every second of the record.

‘Always Introspective’ was written and performed straight from the heart. It’s emotional, fragile and beautiful. It was created by a person who only wanted to share their world, emotions and life experiences with those who would listen. It’s meant for those who tend to listen to music not that much with their ears but with their hearts and souls. Chris records and produces his music by himself (with some help from a now-defunct group called Gate57) and sound-wise the album perfectly fits the overall vibe and emotion poured into the music. Sounding warm and intimate it was modestly but authentically arranged, performed and captured. Yes, it’s just one person with their guitar, harmonica, and voice (with the occasional layer of strings) but we often say that less is more and in this case, it’s everything you need because the music and lyrics tell the rest of the story in the most sincere manner.

‘Always Introspective’ is a long journey that we believe will be a great match for these long overnight drives across warm summer roads. Just like an epic trip Chris Martin’s album will take you many places. From the careful positivism of ‘To This Day’ to the heart-melting ‘Angels Will Fly’ and ‘Our Hearts Bleed for You’, to the catchy bitter-sweet melodies of ‘I Was A Better Man With You’ or the uplifting ‘In The Mountains’ – the album has the whole emotional specter covered. So why not experience it yourself? We swear there’s a cozy place for you inside it.

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