Music for sunsets – Lunar Eclipse by Andy Falk


Anders Ohlsson is an electronic musician and producer based in Osby, Sweden. We’re now listening to ‘Lunar Eclipse’, a record he’s offered us here on Drooble. Having neatly listed his minimalist production setup Andres Ohlsson is far from being your typical synth geek and is rather a musician who has a passion for electronic music that is willing to share with the world.

Despite having artwork and a title that suggest a bit of a dark feeling we find Ohlsson’s music inhabiting a far more comforting and chilled out the specter of electronic sound. Even if it’s a short listen ‘Lunar Eclipse’ is a coherent mixture of dance music (Sound of Silence) with a strong ambient vibe (Whales In The Sea, Watch Over Me). The synths are lush, the beats are punchy when needed and the melodies are catchy but never cheesy. Warm pads create a cozy atmosphere to host the rest of the instruments and from time to time you might spot distant and dreamy voices.

Our total highlight from the bunch is ‘The Disco Is Back’ which could have been featured in our all-time favorite Outrun soundtrack. Just check out those beautifully developing synths, moody beats, and heart-melting guitars. To sum it all up, ‘Lunar Eclipse’ by Anders Ohlsson is the record you need if you want to have some good times, especially driving towards the sunset.

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  1. Thank you very much for your nice review of my album! /Anders

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