Music for a better world – State of Grace by Dshcook

Dshcook is a solo project of multi-instrumentalist David Cook. Based in St. Joseph, USA and with a solid history in mainstream music he decided to turn his career around and dedicate his work to spreading a positive message with the world. Driven by his faith and beliefs he wrote ‘State of Grace’, a twelve-track full-length album distributed digitally.

The record is a collection of pieces dedicated to Cook’s Christian beliefs and carries a strong spiritual message. You can shelve the music under Christian rock and singer-songwriter music but don’t quickly dismiss it if you don’t share the same beliefs and world views. Cook’s music is honest and real. It can touch you no matter of your creed.

David Cook

The album is soaked with sincerity, belief and determination to contribute art to a world so engulfed by darkness. ‘State of Grace’ is not a gloomy slow ride. Instead it’s a lively and positive exploration of melodic rock with a spiritual message. Mostly up-beat and uplifting it’s full to the top with catchy tunes, personal and very motivational lyrics, which we believe hide some power if you let them reach your heart, soul and mind.

The arrangements are by the book, melodies shine through a clear and organic mix, the bass lines glue everything together and the drumming is compact but written with equal care. The vocals are neatly performed, beautifully melodic, diverse and their warmth gives the music the intimacy an album about faith has to possess.

State of Grace’ is a perfectly crafted record that doesn’t preach but shares. We guarantee it will brighten your day and distract you from the routine and the burdens of your daily struggles. Give it a shot!

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