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Guitar Apps

So far in our Music Apps segment, we have introduced applications that will help you write music, learn music theory, improve your singing and become a better real or pretend pianist. Now it is time to pay some attention to all those guitar maniacs, who have made space for the guitar in their bed. This list highlights apps for Android and iOS that will help you learn how to play that magical string instrument, provide you with tabs to all the coolest songs (and to some lame ones), give you access to various amplifiers and sound effects to make you the hottest guitar player in your residential building. Sadly, none of these apps 3D print sunglasses to complete your look, we will just let you take care of that part.

Guitar ToolkitThe first app you should equip yourself with is Guitar Toolkit. It basically takes care of all your toolkit needs, allowing you to only remember to bring your guitar to the next gig (from what I have heard, that is plenty for some). The app also has a tuner, interactive and very extensive chord chart and a drum-like metronome. You can also take advantage of the library of 2 million chords for guitar, as well as bass, banjo, ukulele and mandolin. A cool feature is that it recognizes the chord you just played and fell in love with. Run it through the Guitar Chord Finder and soon enough you will know what it is (basically like magic). The app also has endless scales and arpeggios to browse, enjoy and do whatever you feel like with. You can download it for $2.99 from the App Store.

Guitar World LessonsFor all of you, guitar beginners out there, let’s start with Guitar World Lessons app, which offers a wide collection of instructional videos aimed at making you the greatest guitarist of all time, or at least try to. You can dive into a variety of different genres and lessons – blues, metal, jazz, bluegrass, rock. Through the search bar, you can explore lessons by a particular song you want to learn or by artist or instructor you want to get inspired by. It is free to download, but as you can expect there are in-app purchases. Some lessons are free but for most of them you need to pay or you can purchase entire bundles. Available for iOS devices. Check out the trailer of the app here:

Ultimate Guitar Tabs HDWhat is a guitar player without tabs? No, I am really asking. Does anyone know? To get a hold of a library with the astonishing collection of 600 000 tabs, then I recommend the Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD app. I suspect that if you need any tabs, they probably have them. If they don’t – I suggest you send them an angry letter. The app is not only about tabs, it also has a tuner, metronome and chord library. It gives you offline access to content, which is always welcome. Available on the App Store – free to download, but you can choose from a variety of subscription options, some of which include lifetime access.

AmpKitIf you are in need of a cheaper way to get the sound of several amplifiers and to have your very own recording studio, then you should definitely check out the AmpKit app. Once again an application ideal for both experts and beginners, it replicates four different amps, as well as the effects of 10 stomp boxes. It also offers mics, pedals and cabinets. And all of that in the free version. If you are willing to pay then you can choose from even more options and basically have the time of your life. Or so I presume. Available for Apple devices (sorry, Android-ers).

Guitar Jam TracksGuitar Jam Tracks is another option for those looking to improve their guitar skills or start learning how to play guitar from scratch. You can choose to start with the basics – major and minor scales and those pesky finger placements, without which I guess you can’t play, or so I am told. Guitar Jam Tracks offers 5 styles to choose from. The app is yours for $4.99 and is available for Android and iOS users.

Real GuitarAs I am sure you know – guitars are large instruments which need transporting and perhaps is impossible to always have one by your side whenever inspiration strikes. The Real Guitar is giving you a substitute for just those occasions. You can use it just like a real guitar – to pluck, strum and learn those pesky chord formations. Available for Android and iOS users for $1.99.

AnyTune Pro+If you are always running behind on that cool track you are trying to learn to play along to, then you need to download AnyTune Pro+ and have all your problems solved. Ok, maybe not all of them, it can’t help you with your cat hair dependency, maybe you should talk to a therapist about that. But the app is great if you would like to slow down your favourite tune so you can play to it in your own tempo. Also, it will help you with any ‘oh, no, my guitar is out of tune’ issues. Greatest part? It’s free. Ok, maybe I exaggerated – it is free to download and you can use a lot of features for free, but to get access to all – you will need cold hard cash or $14.99 to be exact. Available to Apple users.

No matter how fun and engaging these apps are, they can’t replace the real deal of picking up an instrument and creating beautiful music with it. So after you are done improving your skills with the apps, join fellow musicians on Drooble for a jam session!

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